My portfolio encompasses a body of mixed media prints and paintings. The process of my work derives from creating abstracted backgrounds and environments married with portraits and drawings. Each medium used provides its own sense of rawness and intimacy. The finer details portray bold or delicate mark-making created over abstracted layers and translucent washes.





I am completely fascinated with how paper and canvas absorb pigment and layered washes. I love to experiment with collage, utilizing and playing with different mediums to create patterns and environments through the use of line-work, and creating texture. 

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point with a double bachelor's in BFA Studio Art and BA in Arts Management. I have a background in drawing, painting, and printmaking. I currently live and work in Madison, Wisconsin USA.

I enjoy working with clients to brainstorm ideas to fulfill their vision, vocalizing their wants and needs to create artwork that inspires their space. 


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*Open to schedule 2023 pop-ups and events.

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